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    We often acknowledge the success story of a business firm, but what we merely notice is the people behind the curtain who write that success story. The existence of ‘The Seed Fund’ would have been questionable without a strong back of its dedicated team of members. The team under the umbrella of investment process analyses business plans of their investees, surpass them through an evaluation process and supports the seed funding of small businesses looking after all processes of investment, angel investors, and providing guidelines for strategic planning and business mentoring. Our team also tackles customers’ queries and complaints, implementing process changes such as new investment regime, and taking care of back-end operations of funding statistics.

    The budgeting models & business plans from all across the globe are based on the idea that firms and markets are not static in nature. They change over time: prices, capacity, supply, and demand all change over days, weeks, months and years. By going dynamic we are able to look at the dynamic nature of our client’s business & answer questions like, what drives a firm or market to change over the course of time and adapt accordingly. The Seed Fund team aims to change beyond just being a support function, handling back office work. We held weekly meeting sessions with all the employees as well as active clientele as both hold an opinion equally important for growth of our investment moves.

    The managers of the company are off and on asked for their feedback: what issues are they facing, what they want, and how things can be improved. The clients are provided with a platform, an email group, to log in their queries and complaints by the highly qualified mentors of the company. One major issue for the valued customers commonly faced through other channels of investment/funding was that their complaints with respect to the departments of application development, business plans analysis, infrastructure management solutions and database administration were not getting resolved and needed numerous follow-ups. Therefore, our team also initiated a follow-up with respective departments to get the issues resolved.

    Top management and directors have been chosen to be the drivers of change for The Seed Fund investing activities, and how the effects will trickle down to us all. Another major transformation has been the way we forecast our budgets i.e. dynamic forecasting, and the man behind this monumental change initiative is the CFO of the company. In a nutshell, when the team of The Seed Fund is discussed, terms like ‘challenging’, ‘tough’, and ‘intimidating’ are thrown around.