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    The Incubation Center of The Seed Fund, as the name implies, is a power house of rapid growth for those amateur business firms that still needs some time to get their feet firm in the business industry. As a matter of fact, we come across several business plans by numerous business firms that exhibit a level of immature approach towards strategic decision making. Such plans are neither completely rejected nor accepted to initiate the process of seed funding. These small businesses needs the investment of time more than the investment of money, therefore comes in action our Incubation Center. It gives us a surety of not missing any valuable plan, which otherwise would have spread profits like an epidemic, if evaluated over a reasonable course of time.

    Our Incubator occupies a large area, next to our office, where we house the entire fledgling companies unless they attain enough maturity in terms of putting forth reasonable business proposals and ability to gain sustainability. Applying for a mentoring accommodation in Incubation Center does not require any special procedure, which makes it easy for any investee to initiate a secure and sound journey towards entrepreneurship. What does our Incubator comprise of? It consists of a group of advisors that will be your guide towards every step taken towards growth trajectory. The fully-equipped office area with 24/7 availability of WiFi and multiple conference rooms makes sure to keep you connected with your investors and mentors all the time.

    The Seed Fund lays the foundation of promising start-ups in the early developmental phases of SME’s by equipping them with a nurturing environment in form of an incubation center. We can empower people if they have the right integrity and the right vision followed by firm moral business values. In all, the basic purpose of our Incubator is to enable the immature companies to get rid of it completely, and stand on their own feet to attain sustainability and growth. Such companies are then given full seed funding based on their improved understanding of business entrepreneurship.