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    The Seed Fund – Built For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

    The Seed Fund is an early stage venture fund working with an objective of funding small businesses in their initial phases, and expecting an exit when the respective small business turns into a giant of successful entrepreneur. We basically take care of your initial expenses, and help you to take your first flight in a No Fly Zone of competitive market.

    The seed funding provided by us acts as a catalyst to incubate your own business ideas and transform them into businesses that can be adapted accordingly. The Seed Fund is NOT just about money, but experience as well as mentoring when you need it the most. Our financial moves may help a SME to wade through its gestation period, but this is not the end. We conduct several rounds of seed funding, after a strategic planning and analyzing your business model, by our Team of highly qualified professionals.

    The Seed Fund shapes your very own business ideas into an entrepreneur reality. The role of our mentors is not just to evaluate your business proposal or to plan your seed funding rounds, but they enhance your exposure by consistent interaction, discussion of your queries, and channeling the ways to eradicate them. Furthermore, The Seed Fund business associations can range from completely alike or entirely different set of minds in the huge entrepreneur industry. These business associations can also help you to develop a network of some of the brightest minds in the industry, which is a dire need of a newly start-up company of present era. We help you connect potential partners; investors as well ensure insights of customer traffic towards your business.

    Our additional services includes a support team for mentoring at every stage, access to content, design, and finance affairs of your business model, and most importantly we give you a complete feeling of ownership as even being funded by The Seed Fund, you hold a majority stake in your venture. The ratio of equity taken by us ranges will be very minimum of your total financial stake. If you are a start-up venture in an early operational phase of your growth, then you are still good to go, and attain sustainability if you have your business ideas and plans in your mind. Giving life to your ideas is what The Seed Fund is all about. Share with us your business proposal, and be the first one to get enlisted in our Portfolio Companies.

    We would typically be the first and only institutional investor at this stage in the company. We would work with the promoters to get the company ready for the next round of funding. We would introduce the company to the right VCs as well as other potential strategic investors. Naturally, we would show our commitment by co-investing with the next VC.

    We would be interested in companies in any industry—the only constraint is that the company is targeting the Indian market, whether it is Indian consumers or Indian businesses.