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    Invested Companies


    CashOS Singapore Registered SaaS Company catering SaaS Solution for in Cash optimization for businesses

    Now Floats

    Enabling small and medium-sized businesses to easily bring their business online


    Carrier Based Billing solutions Acquired by Boku

    Jo Nature

    Vertical E-commerce Specialized in Organic Products with a range of Natural & Ayurvedic Products

    Vanity Cube

    A mobile home salon providing a range of beauty services at home

    Zuci Energy

    Generating Energy from Waste collected by Hyderabad Municipal Corporation


    India’s largest fresh and healthy food delivery chain! Order all-day healthy breakfast, tasty meals, fresh juices and salads in Gurgaon.


    Event Management SaaS Solution Business


    Dukanline is Retail Aggregation Company Creating Largest Branded Network Neighbourhood retail stores across India


    Lingerie, nightwear, swim and active – Your go-to destination for all things stylish, comfortable and affordable.


    Publicly Traded company in BSE Stock Exchange

    Pick Me

    Service Management Logistics and Service Provider for Brands

    Violet Street

    Affliate Marketing based Ecommerce in Fashion


    Squeakee is a SaaS-based platform that offers full-stack digital commerce solutions to SMEs and enterprise customers

    Fortune Pay

    Paymentgate way Solution Provider Acquired by EzTap


    Becon based customer intellegence gather and Loyality Solution


    Revolutionizing on-demand inter-city travel using robust technology backend to provide upto 60% discounts on traditional taxi fares.


    Highly versatile SaaS application creating high impact across the value chain of the pharmaceutical Industry, easily integrating…

    INC 42

    Technology-led media business fostering entrepreneurship and the Indian startup ecosystem. Brands include Inc42 (online magazine)


    Finvesco is a Loan Company Certified by Reserve Bank of India as Non-Banking Finance Operations in India


    Open Appliances is a digital first security and physical access management solutions provider.


    SmartCoin is a consumer micro-lending platform focused on the vast underserved middle/lower-income segments in India.


    Sequretek, a company founded by industry veterans, focusses on the information security and information management space and addresses


    Inntot Technologies has software based Digital Radio Receiver stack solutions that are cost effective and competitive.


    SectorQube is an internet of things start-up that creates smart cooking devices to make cooking simpler and easier.


    Perfit is a 3D body Scanning Solution which captures accurate user measurements in under a minute.


    Open is a neo-banking service that helps small businesses automate and run their finances effectively


    NeuroEquilibrium aims to develop testing systems to evaluate the functional integrity of the balance system in patients suffering from vertigo and imbalance.

    Grabon Rent

    India’s biggest​ product rental marketplace that lets its customers rent a variety of products and gets them delivered to their doorstep.


    Genrobotic Innovations Pvt Ltd is specialized in powered robotic exoskeletons with RC Controlled Humanoid Robotic Systems and Artificial Intelligence.


    Clootrack is an adaptive marketing intelligence platform, which helps brands discover customers’ expectations from their products and services. aims to democratize analytics using a suite of products that use Artificial Analytics to solve the most critical analytics use-cases of clients.

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