Pinna Johnston & Burwell P.A


CashOS Singapore Registered SaaS Company catering SaaS Solution for in Cash optimization for businesses

Now Floats

Enabling small and medium-sized businesses to easily bring their business online


Carrier Based Billing solutions Acquired by Boku

Jo Nature

Vertical E-commerce Specialized in Organic Products with a range of Natural & Ayurvedic Products

Vanity Cube

A mobile home salon providing a range of beauty services at home

Zuci Energy

Generating Energy from Waste collected by Hyderabad Municipal Corporation


India’s largest fresh and healthy food delivery chain! Order all-day healthy breakfast, tasty meals, fresh juices and salads in Gurgaon.


Event Management SaaS Solution Business


Dukanline is Retail Aggregation Company Creating Largest Branded Network Neighbourhood retail stores across India


Lingerie, nightwear, swim and active – Your go-to destination for all things stylish, comfortable and affordable.

Will Budget 2012 Kill Entrepreneurship In India?

Will Budget 2012 Kill Entrepreneurship In India?The budget proposal to tax at 30 percent any investment received by closely held companies where the aggregate investment exceeds the fair market value

Rise in the Solar and Biomass projects in India

Rise in the Solar and Biomass projects in India: India has set the pace in the clear energy sector with a boom. The projects pertaining to clear energy sector is witnessing dramatic rise

Venture capital fund in food services

Venture capital fund in food services Private equity investing and venture capital funding in the food services industry is expected to witness rise very shortly.

Learn How to Create Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch Entrepreneurs live and die by the quality of their Elevator Pitch. You’ve probably already experienced this fact personally as you’ve watched the reaction from people who’ve heard your business idea. The concept of the Elevator Pitch is borne from the idea that if you met an investor on an elevator and

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Your Funding options

The Funding Landscape Entrepreneurs have quite a few options available when raising capital that generally fall into three categories – Bootstrapping, Debt and Equity. Funding your business isn’t as easy as saying “I want to speak to investors who will give me a big check for my great idea!” Even the best ideas often

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How Fundraising works

How Fundraising Works Fundraising is incredibly easy. You just call a few investors, tell them how great your idea is, and they write you a check. If your idea is really good, they don’t even ask for equity. They’re just so excited to be a part of your company they can’t wait to give

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What investors are looking for?

What are Investors Looking For? It’s the age old question – “What are investors looking for?” Unfortunately there is no universal answer here. The obvious response is “a return on their investment” but that’s just an outcome – it’s not what helps you determine how to pitch your business today. Every investor has their

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What you need to pitch investors

Key Pitch Assets Once you have your Fundraising Plan and your Pitch List together, it’s time to make sure you have all of your key pitch assets in order. Most of these assets are built from the same basic content and are simply reworked to fit different needs and requests. Once you have the

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The Startup Priority List

The Startup Priority List Leading a startup company is nothing like leading a big, established company. Startups are focused foremost on survival, while big companies direct their efforts toward growth or in the worst case, slowing decline. It’s natural that many entrepreneurs start companies with a task list that looks a lot like it

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Publicly Traded company in BSE Stock Exchange

Pick Me

Service Management Logistics and Service Provider for Brands

Violet Street

Affliate Marketing based Ecommerce in Fashion


Squeakee is a SaaS-based platform that offers full-stack digital commerce solutions to SMEs and enterprise customers

Fortune Pay

Paymentgate way Solution Provider Acquired by EzTap


Becon based customer intellegence gather and Loyality Solution


Revolutionizing on-demand inter-city travel using robust technology backend to provide upto 60% discounts on traditional taxi fares.


Highly versatile SaaS application creating high impact across the value chain of the pharmaceutical Industry, easily integrating…

INC 42

Technology-led media business fostering entrepreneurship and the Indian startup ecosystem. Brands include Inc42 (online magazine)


Finvesco is a Loan Company Certified by Reserve Bank of India as Non-Banking Finance Operations in India


Open Appliances is a digital first security and physical access management solutions provider.


SmartCoin is a consumer micro-lending platform focused on the vast underserved middle/lower-income segments in India.


Sequretek, a company founded by industry veterans, focusses on the information security and information management space and addresses


Inntot Technologies has software based Digital Radio Receiver stack solutions that are cost effective and competitive.


SectorQube is an internet of things start-up that creates smart cooking devices to make cooking simpler and easier.


Perfit is a 3D body Scanning Solution which captures accurate user measurements in under a minute.


Open is a neo-banking service that helps small businesses automate and run their finances effectively


NeuroEquilibrium aims to develop testing systems to evaluate the functional integrity of the balance system in patients suffering from vertigo and imbalance.


The evaluation program is being implemented in The Seed Fund to identify the investment process flaws in everyday work, and help improve our work efficiency. Credibility of what a company does comes from within. For that to happen, we always remain upfront to connect with our investees 24/7.

Grabon Rent

India’s biggest​ product rental marketplace that lets its customers rent a variety of products and gets them delivered to their doorstep.


Genrobotic Innovations Pvt Ltd is specialized in powered robotic exoskeletons with RC Controlled Humanoid Robotic Systems and Artificial Intelligence.


Incubation demonstrates how everything falls in place when passion is nurtured and plans are put to action. Of course we have weaknesses, let’s not kid ourselves. We still have to work on several fronts, but we have the right people, the right mindset, and those values are embedded that show our investees that The

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Clootrack is an adaptive marketing intelligence platform, which helps brands discover customers’ expectations from their products and services.


Recently launched “The Seed Fund” profitable investment company exhibits a number of funding opportunities that were meant to tap the brain pool of SME’s for the generation of new business ideas. Our easily accessible investment process & well reputed statistics were well received across the globe and a pool of ideas was gathered. Now

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The Seed Fund first looks at the applicant company’s assets (infrastructure, distribution network, human resource, goals, services offered etc.) & already established relationships with stakeholders, employees and most importantly customers to generate a new business stream that paves the path for a quick yet healthy exit.


With the growth in the angel investment network and seed funding industry having stabilized to some extent, the need for new business streams has become more profound than ever. While innovation is the word on the street, the investment and funding industry stands poised at a point in time. The concept is to expand

Read More > aims to democratize analytics using a suite of products that use Artificial Analytics to solve the most critical analytics use-cases of clients.


We at The Seed Fund aim to increase the market share for our investees by not only investing monetary assets on them, but most essentially investing our time in the evaluation of their business plans. We do the seeding and the resulted growth enables you to reap the profits!